60x60 cm


acrylic painting and painted sheet - on cotton canvas


original painting - signed + sealed 


all sales are final 


please know that colours will slightly vary from screen to screen.


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  • ‘Release' is a creation on a cotton canvas. It has been designed to allow a play of light through the natural shapes of the sheet placed on the canvas. 

    There is the rough aspect of the canvas covered with paint and salt then sanded and the delicacy of the painted sheet fixed on the canvas. I tried to use these two textures to represent two aspects of femininity. Often intended to be soft, manageable, delicate as is the silk sheet, femininity can also be rough, imperfect as are the irregularities present on the canvas. 

    The choice of salt was for the symbolism it is given. An ambivalent symbolism that underlines the complicity of salt. Purifying, synonymous with death and desiccation, preserving. All its aspects make it a sublimated element for all the roles it can fulfil. Just like femininity, which manifests itself in each person in its own way. 

    Rough, imperfect, smooth, bright, hidden, round, shaded, sparkling, obvious… 

    As for the choice of black, it is a desire to show the hidden beauty of all aspects of femininity beyond the symbolism of a colour often associated with negative things.