I'm a 90's kid. I like drawing, painting. I grew up with comics, cartoons, video games, cult movies, Star Wars and LORTR (<3).


So basically after studies in volcanology, I decided to do what every student would : change everything and start to paint for my living job (of course) ! Why? Well, the real question is... why not?!​


You can call me NIARKNIARK (but my mom calls me Laura). I am French. Influenced by pop art. Definitely a mom. Introvert and fluent in sarcasm. 

Are you interested in a special drawing just for you? No problemo amigo. Send me an email at laura@niarkniark.com and I will see what I can do for you. 

Welcome to my mind. There is no spoon. Live long and prosper. 

(+ idk why I use caplocks for NIARKNIARK, but you've got a little answer : here)

Bisous ! 

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